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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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An Investigation of human palmar skin friction and the effects of materials, pinch force and moisture


Author: Buchholz, B., Frederick, L. J., Armstrong, T. J.
Year: 1988
Type: Journal Article


A study was conducted to determine the friction characteristics for various materials against human palmer skin. Several materials were tested using two pinch-force levels under both moist and dry conditions. Using a two-fingered pinch grip, subjects held a specially designed dynamometer covered with one of the test materials. They maintained a constant pinch force, as load force was increased at a constant rate until the dynamometer slipped from their fingers. The load force at the slip point was then used to determine the coefficient of friction from Amonton's Law. The effect of subject, material, moisture, pinch force and the material -moisture and pinch force - moisture interactions were all significant. The coefficient decreased with increased levels of pinch force for every material-moisture combination. The coefficient of friction for porous materials showed a significant increase when moisture was present. This information might be applicable in tool handle and work station surface design.

Further Details

Publish Dates Mar
Pages 317-325
Volume 31
Issue 3
Accession Number 3.10.03
Keywords product, design

Reads 341