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An America Challenged: Population Change and the Future of the United States

xxiii+253pp, SI, Boulder, CO: Westview Press

Author: Murdock, S. H.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1995


This volume of applied demographic research attempts to identify how projected demographic trends are likely to be important to the U.S. in the coming decades. Specifically, the volume examines the socioeconomic implications of three major patterns evident in recent population projections completed by the U.S. Census Bureau: slower population growth & the increased importance of immigration in determining growth; the aging of the population; & its increasing ethnic diversity. These trends are examined as they impact the labor force, income & poverty, businesses, public & private services, & fiscal conditions between now & the mid-twenty-first century. It is suggested that these patterns will create dramatic changes, which, because of the historical linkages between certain demographic characteristics & socioeconomic resources, could lead to numerous changes in US society. It is also argued that such changes may lead to a labor force that is less well-educated & perhaps less competitive, reduced worker compensation, & substantially increased retirement costs for the society. Overall, inequality may increase & increased bases for diversity & division may develop. The 8 Chpts are organized in II PARTS, with a Preface. (1) The Implications of Future Population Change in America: The Rationale and Scope for an Assessment. PART I - THE DEMOGRAPHIC CONTEXT OF CHANGE IN AMERICA - offers (2) America's Demographic Past: Setting the Framework for the Future; & (3) America's Future Population: Analyzing Alternative Demographic Futures. PART II - THE IMPLICATIONS OF POPULATION: CHANGE FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE - includes (4) The Labor Force: Implications for America's Competitiveness; (5) Population Change, Household Structure, and Income and Poverty in America; (6) Demographic Change and Business in America; (7) Population Change, Services, Revenues, and Expenditures; & (8) Summary, Conclusions, and Implications.

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