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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Aging in the United States and Sweden: innovative programs in rural and urban settings

Rural Sociological Society

Author: Fritz, J. M.
Year: 1979
Type: Journal Article


The proportion of the 65+ population has increased markedly in industrial countries during the last seventy-five years. During this time, Sweden & the US responded to this demographic change by developing different policies & programs for the elderly. Examined & compared are the development & implementation of some innovative Swedish & US programs in rural & urban settings. Among the topics covered are: (1) partial pensions-Sweden, in comparison with the US, has a highly developed system of social benefits which now even allows an individual to choose a flexible (or partial) retirement option. (2) Preretirement planning programs-such programs are advocated & available to some extent in the US & Sweden. (3) Combatting isolation-both countries have found it difficult to deliver even minimal social services to elderly who live in rural areas. To ease this situation in Sweden, the rural postal carriers have provided (since 1974) some social services (eg, delivering goods from shops, making home visits, & informing the municipality if a person needs help).

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Keywords North America, older, policy compliance

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