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Ageing, families and social change

Ageing and Families: a Support Networks Perspective

Author: Kendig, H.
Type: Book Section
Year: 1986


This final chapter interprets more broadly the social forces which structure experiences of ageing. Our concern for older people today is widened by emphasising a further dimension of change: each new cohort of older people face very different social and economic climates in mid-life as well as in old age. Individual actions are bound up in complex interplays with social trends: individuals and their families actively create as well as passively erspond to social change and ageing. Ageing is inextricably bound up with gender, family, and class realtions.

Further Details

Author: Kendig, H.
Pages: 169-185
Publish Location: Sydney
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Accession Number: December, 2010
Keywords: Australia, older
Reads: 153