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Accessibility in the Rio City Project

Designing for the 21st Century : An International Conference on Universal Design

Author: Camisao, V.
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 2000


This paper reports on two pro-accessibility projects, namely Rio City projects 1 and 2, focusing on reurbanisation of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The goal was the Universal Design principle - to design with all users in mind, regardless of their physical abilities and include some universal solutions like ramps at crosswalks, which serve the purpose for both baby carriages, grocery carts, people carrying weights and people with difficulty in locomotion, and some special solutions like textured-coded footways to guide the visually impaired.

Further Details

Publish Location: Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Publisher: Adaptive Environments
Accession Number: August, 2010
Keywords: ramp, vision, universal, design
Reads: 206