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A smart sensor for the remote follow up of activity and fall detection of the elderly.

2nd Annual International IEEE-EMB Special Topic Conference on Microtechnologies in Medicine & Biology.

Author: Noury, N.
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 2002


Home health care sounds to be a convenient solution for the elderly person not willing to abandon her natural environment for a living in a hospital. But as most of the older subjects leave alone on their own and because of the isolation, it is necessary to guarantee a more precise follow up of the health and security status of the person. The paper deals with the detection of the fall of the elderly. The ultimate goal is to reach a good compromise between real time detection, sensibility, specificity and intrusivity. Different technical approaches are presented. A more precise description of our smart fall sensor principle is presented, with results, and the proposition of the new flexible version which was realised and is being currently integrated in a garment.

Further Details

Author: Dittmar, A., Beebe, D.
Pages: 314-317
Publish Location: Madison, USA
Accession Number: 3.3.04
Keywords: older, health improvement, safety improvement, security, telecommunication
Reads: 236