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A connection: the elderly and sustainable futures

An Aging Population, An Aging Planet and a Sustainable Future.

Author: Ekstrom, C. D., Pei, X.
Type: Book Section
Year: 1995


Explores the nature of relationships between sustainable environmental futures & aging populations, drawing on secondary literature. It is suggested that when sustainability is threatened, the aged population is also threatened with a deterioration in quality of life. At the same time, the aging of the world's population also threatens the sustainability of society by consuming a greater share of resources, eg, health care & other goods & services. It is argued that the old paradigm that envisions elderly people as a dependent population living in a disconnected, diminished state ought to be replaced by a new paradigm that understands this group as a resource population possessing invaluable life experiences. The elderly are encouraged to employ these life experiences in the creation of intergenerational bonds & a sustainable vision of society.

Further Details

Author: Ingman, Stanley R., Pei, Xiaomei, Ekstrom, Carl D., Friedsam, Hiram J., & Bartlett, Kristy R
Pages: 23-31
Publish Location: Denton
Publisher: Center Texas Studies
Accession Number: 2.4.03
Keywords: older
Reads: 164