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The Enabling Block Library drawings and models provide the space and other environmental requirements for the safe and effective access of a range of mobility products.

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Ambulance Trolley

Ambulance Trolley

This is the trolley standard installed in NSW Ambulances (2010-11).

Often overlooked, ambulance trolley accessibility is an important consideration when designing access to homes particularly when dealing with strata title or body corporate for multidwelling complexes, to ensure prompt medical attention and reduce the risk of unnecessary death.

Object Details

Model Number 305
Manufacturer DHS Emergency, Byron Group

Block Details

Author/s HMinfo
Uploaded 22/10/2012 16:53:54
Category General
Keywords turning circle, circulation space, Foyer, strata, public space, accessible, ramps, lifts


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Revit Ambulance_Trolley.rfa 516.00 KiB 329
ArchiCAD Ambulance Trolley.gsm 493.53 KiB 204
SketchUp Ambulance Trolley.skp 256.37 KiB 217
DWG Ambulance_Trolley.dwg 341.20 KiB 231
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