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The Enabling Block Library drawings and models provide the space and other environmental requirements for the safe and effective access of a range of mobility products.

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A90 Wheelchair (Manually Operated)

A90 Wheelchair (Manually Operated)

The A90 size is compliant with the new 2010 version of AS1428 (Australian Design for Access and Mobility Standards).

This larger size wheelchair is now the standard to be used for all new accessible environments.

Object Details

Manufacturer Generic
Standards SAI Global (publishers of Australian Standards):

Block Details

Author/s HMinfo
Uploaded 22/10/2012 16:46:49
Category Mobility Assistance
Keywords Access to Premises, Disability access, Ramps, lift , turning circle, circulation space


Type Name Size Hits Link
Revit A90_Wheelchair.rfa 2.52 MiB 387
ArchiCAD A90 Wheelchair.gsm 870.93 KiB 265
SketchUp Wheelchair A90.skp 535.55 KiB 244
DWG A90Wheelchair.dwg 1.79 MiB 336
Reads: 3372