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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Updates to the CHSP Program Manual

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The Department of Health (the department) has recently revised the CHSP Program Manual 2020-2022. A copy of the revised Manual is now available for download from the Department’s website.


Providers will need to be aware of a number of changes in the following areas:

·       Assistance with Care and Housing: clarification in Section 1.2.5 that clients eligible for ACH services may also access other CHSP services targeted at avoiding homelessness or reducing the impact of homelessness.

·       Sign language interpreting services: the department has included information in Section 1.2.11 on how CHSP service providers can access interpreting services by including contact details for both My Aged Care and Auslan Connections.

·       Clarification on Domestic Assistance: the department has clarified the scope of services delivered under Domestic Assistance. Care workers are not expected to move or re-arrange heavy furniture or items that may put them at risk of injury.

·       Changes to Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology: the department has increased the annual support available to clients from $500 to $1,000 each financial year. GEAT providers may also use grant funding to purchase occupational therapy assessments for clients who need customised services or support and training using a GEAT.

·       Changes to Home Modifications: providers of Home Modifications may help clients cover the cost of chair lifts, two-person step lifts or wheelchair compatible platform lifts where clinically recommended.

·       Clarification on personal alarms: CHSP service providers should only deliver personal alarms and home monitoring equipment if they are funded to deliver Goods, Equipment and Assistive Technology. These items are out of scope for the Social Support Group and Social Support Individual service types.

·       Clarification on Social Support Group: CHSP service providers of Social Support Group who are not also funded for Transport services may incorporate the cost of transporting clients and their carers into their Social Support Group unit price.

·       Changes on Centre-Based Respite: CHSP providers that are not funded for Transport may incorporate the cost of transporting clients into their Centre Based Respite unit price, but should not report them as separate Transport outputs in the Data Exchange.

·       Changes on Sector Support and Development: the department has revised the service type description and out-of-scope items for Sector Support and Development in line with recent changes to this Sub-Program.

·       Service provider responsibilities: the department expects that all CHSP service providers have an up-to-date infectious disease control policies in place and are being enforced (See Section 6.1.1 for more information).

·       Police checks: the NDIS worker screening arrangements are acceptable for employees who also deliver services under the CHSP if they also include a police check prepared by the Australian Federal Police, a State or Territory police service or an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accredited agency (See Section 6.1.3 for more information).

·       First Aid Training: the department has provided additional information and clarification around its expectations for First Aid Training in Section 6.1.4.

·       CHSP ad hoc grant opportunity GO4265: the department has added a new section to the manual in relation to the CHSP ad hoc grant opportunity to support providers to respond flexibly to local changes and service demand.

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