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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute


The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute conducts research into Housing, Urban Research and Policy, some of which we believe to be relevant to issues of home modification and disability. These research projects include the following;


Housing and care for older and younger adults with disabilities

Older people with a disability are more likely to be housed in cared accommodation, rather than in the community. The likelihood that younger people with a disability are more likely to live in the community, in conjunction with aging in place strategies, increases the complexity of integrating housing and support services.


Costs and benefits of housing as the ‘home base’ for older people

This project investigates the costs and benefits involved in using private housing as the home base for care for older people. Not to do so impacts whole-of-government costs such as premature admission to residential aged care and the use of acute, sub-acute and primary care services as a result of preventable home injuries. Housing absence, in the way of homelessness, imposes additional costs on individuals and governments.


Systematic Review of Housing Assistance and Non-Shelter Outcomes

A Systematic review into the impact of non-shelter effects on housing assistance measures.


Supporting the tenancies of people with complex needs: applying best practice models in the Australian context

Outlining research by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute into the factors that can broadly be said to work toward the 'seamless' delivery of housing and support options to people with complex needs, this research aims to contribute toward the development of housing and support options that can assist adults under the age of 65 with physical disability, intellectual disability or a mental illness to live successful, independent lives within the community.


Improving housing and care for Adults with Disabilities

Examining housing and support programs and their potential for effective operation in terms of client service delivery, this study looks at adult clients with disabilities, ranging from 20 to 60 years of age. Currently, older people with a disability are more likely to live in cared accommodation than in the community. The complexity of integrating housing and support services is discussed in this research project conducted by AHURI researchers Catherine Bridge, Hal Kending, Susan Quine and Amanda Parson. This project is the first to explore the differences between the needs and experiences of older and younger people with disabilities.


Housing and location preferences and choices of people with disabilities

AHURI is to commence a research project to consider the housing options and preferences of people with disabilities.


Linkages between housing and support - what is important from the perspective of people living with a mental illness

Appropriate housing and support can assist people with significant psychiatric disabilities to maintain stable housing. Housing suitable for the management of their disabilities, manifestations of their mental illness; support, medication and/or treatments provided by people they trust, in addition to a clear identification of issues that may place their housing at risk, in addition to risk reduction strategies, are necessary.


21st Century Housing Careers and Australia’s Housing Future

The nature and direction of housing careers into the 21st Century and the implications of these changing patterns of housing consumption for housing policy in Australia are discussed.


The impact of home maintenance and modification services on ‘ageing in place’

While the number of home maintenance and modification programs around Australia has increased steadily over past decades, the public policy framework for provision of these services is under developed and the research evidence base is sparse. This project will provide a theoretical and empirical research foundation for understanding the impacts of home maintenance and modification services on ‘ageing in place’ and housing adjustments in later life, and for developing more effective public policies relating to provision of these services. This research is currently in progress.


De-institutionalisation and Housing Futures

While a significant number of people could be deinstitutionalized in Australia, rates of de-institutionalisation are slowing across most jurisdictions, with the exception of New South Wales and Victoria. Almost 2,500 people in NSW are planned to move into community based housing over the next ten years, with another 900 people set to make this move by 2011.


Integrating housing, support and care for older people: a national and international analysis

This research aims to evaluate housing, support and care integration options for older Australians by way of a systematic review, supported by case studies and resulting in an evaluative framework for support and care arrangements for older people - including an analysis of the relevance of findings to policy development.


Housing, Housing Assistance and Social Cohesion in Australia

Aiming to develop a clear conceptual understanding of, and empirically examine, housing, housing assistance and social cohesion relationships, this project takes into account such factors as family and community well-being and economic inequalities. Drawing together aspects of housing, housing assistance and well-being within a coherent conceptual framework, this research provides the first detailed empirical account of these relationships in the Australian context.

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