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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Standards Australia moves to a new office...

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The following information has recently come through from 'Standards Australia'. They are in the process of relocating to a new set of offices, at Level 10, 20 Bridge Street, Sydney. See the attached PDF document for more information regarding the Standards Australia office move, and see below for more details on the 'Transformation Program' Occurring at Standards Australia...

As you know, Standards Australia has embarked on a Transformation Program to address key issues with project control, lift our expertise, enhance our project management capabilities, and realise greater capacity, so that we can continue to produce quality Standards for industry, government and the community.

As part of this, we have recently made some organisational changes to establish new scalable team structures. Additionally, there will be a focus on coaching, succession planning and a new performance management framework; equitable allocation of projects and workloads; and building an energised organisation with passionate and enthusiastic staff.


We have merged the seven existing Standards development groups into two new program areas, with Alistair Tegart and Kevin Enright leading each group. Seven Senior Project Managers from our existing workforce have been appointed across the two program areas, as listed below:

Commerce, Human Services, Utilities, Communications and Electrical (Alistair Tegart)

This group covers topics related to the consumer, health, food, environment, business, finance, utilities, Information Technology and Communications.

Panjan Navaratnam, Commerce

Elizabeth Hanley, Human Services

Johit Das, Communications & Electrical

Hui Din Lim, Utilities

Construction, Engineering, Industrial and Safety (Kevin Enright)

This group covers topics related to construction, building services, transport, engineering, industrial, manufacturing and production environments.

Bill Iskander, Construction

Michael Hourmozi, Engineering

Otto Marr, Industrial & Safety

While there has also been some movement of Project Managers to different teams, their existing portfolios of work have been transferred with them. We are now focusing on reviewing the status of all our current projects to ensure they are appropriately planned and resourced. Other changes include the appointment of Simon Sayegh as Director of Technology and Projects, Anna Drinias as Human Resources Manager, Linda Suter to the position of Support Services Manager and Max Maffucci as the International Team Manager.


By now, you will have also read in Up Magazine that we are moving our office to Level 10, 20 Bridge Street, Sydney. Assuming no major delays with the build or technology then we will be in our new office from Tuesday 12 June 2007. A map of our new location and our new contact details are available in the attached .pdf. Committee meetings will continue to be held at 286 Sussex Street, up to and including Friday 15 June. After that, please check the new location details with your Project Manager.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new offices and updating you on the progress of our Transformation Plan as we move ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Lauchlan, Chief Operating Officer, Standards Australia

Standards Australia, 2007

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