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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Smarter Homes - healthy, affordable homes for better living...launches at the end of June!


An opportunity to assist your customers with reliable, objective information… Smarter Homes, a new on-line resource which provides advice on how to make homes warmer, drier, healthier, more comfortable, more affordable and kinder to the environment, is in its final stages of development by the team contracted by the Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand.  Smarter Homes will be launched at the end of June.

You are invited to use the site to support your customers with objective and reliable information. Smarter Homes will help New Zealanders build, buy and renovate smarter, and achieve more attractive, comfortable and cheaper-to-run homes. This, in turn, leads to healthier lives at home, added investment value, and less harm to the environment.  The Smarter Homes website has been developed to give clear and objective advice. It contains a Home-smarts tool, which enables users to customise their searches and save information specific to their home, according to budget priorities, current renovation or building projects, and major problems they want to solve at their homes. The tool also offers an opportunity to prioritise these issues and problems by running a simple home health-check.  Smarter Homes and Homesmarts were developed to assist people in their first steps towards improving their homes. Your organization is likely to be involved with the next steps: selecting specific products, choosing sites, hiring building professionals and applying for building consents. Let¹s ensure a smooth transition. 

The website has been created for the Ministry for the Environment by a team including the Consumers¹ Institute, Beacon Pathway Ltd, URS, Chrome Toaster and Creo, with assistance from a number of other organisations interested in helping consumers access good quality, reliable and independent information about smart homes.  Smarter Homes was developed to form a wider resource in combination with two other websites: Consumer Build (, ­ a one-stop-shop consumer advice on building, renovating and maintaining homes, and Level - a more technical resource for the professionals, which will be launched by BRANZ at the same time as Smarter Homes ( Together, the three websites will cover all the issues your customers need to know about and will provide links to even more in-depth information and advice.

The Smarter Homes website will be launched at the end of June at The pilot site was launched earlier this year under the name of Smart Build. If you are interested in informing your customers about this new resource in your newsletters, on your website, or in other communication, please get in touch with me. We will be able to provide you with some promotional materials.

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