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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Remote Switch Devices


A remote controlled socket could be a useful option for the elderly or others with limited mobility who want to be able to easily switch off devices without accessing a power outlet or dealing with a fiddly switch. These enable people with limited mobility to switch on and off appliances remotely or with devices in difficult to reach places. The range is up to 40 metres which would cover most houses/apartments.

There are several options available from various supermarkets and hardware stores. These solutions are often quite affordable, from as little as $6.50 to $34.95 depending on the complexity of the device.

Another useful device is to use a timer which turns on any electrical item at a pre-set time. It can also turn it off at a certain time. They are great for turning on and off lights for example. 

Another useful device is a motion sensor to help you remember your keys or turning the iron off as you walk out of the house. With a Sound Sentry you are able to program a recording and have it play when you activate the motion sensor on the device.

One more device that is useful is a Universal remote which you can use for all your TV and audio machines. It reduces the confusion of selecting small multi-buttoned as it has large simple buttons to turn things on or off or change the volume quickly.

All these items can be easily found on an online search or by going to your local hardware store.




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