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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Protecting Older Australians - COVID-19 vaccine update


Residential aged care facilities can choose to engage with local media on the vaccine rollout

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout to aged care facilities is attracting significant media attention.

Residential aged care facilities can engage directly with media and participate in coverage if they choose. You do not need to direct all media enquiries to the Department of Health.

Choosing to interact with the media is at the discretion of each residential aged care facility.

Each residential aged care facility can choose to publish their location and timing of scheduled vaccination at their own discretion, taking into consideration the privacy and safety of its residents and workers.

The Department of Health’s Media Team has proactively sourced residential aged care facility vaccination file footage that may alleviate sector concerns and satisfy media requirements.

If a residential aged care facility has any concerns about engaging with the media or require access to file footage, they may contact the Department of Health’s Media Team via  or phone (02) 6289 7400 / 0466 533 960.

Guidance information is available for facilities who would like to engage with media. You can request a copy by emailing 


Phase 1b rollout information for CHSP and HCP providers

As part of the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout strategy, workers in community and in-home aged care will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in Phase 1b along with other health care workers.

Phase 1b of the rollout includes staff who deliver services through Home Care Packages (HCP) and/or the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

How will those people in phase 1b receive the vaccine?

People receiving Commonwealth-funded home and community aged care will be able to access vaccination through vaccination clinics or GP practices as soon as they become eligible for the vaccine.

To determine your eligibility to access the COVID-19 vaccine, you can use our new vaccine eligibility checker.

Information about the phased rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program is also available on the Department of Health website.


Guide to help frail older people make a decision about COVID-19 vaccination

The Department of Health has published a decision guide to help people who are frail or very old, including those living in residential aged care facilities and their representatives, make an informed decision about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

The guide includes information about the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, risks for older people, and current known side effects.

Please share this information with your residents and their families, carers and substitute decision-makers.

Any person considering getting a vaccine can also choose to talk to their GP or other health professional to help make an informed decision.

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to aged care, visit the Department of Health website or subscribe to our COVID-19 vaccines update.

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