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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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National Disability Insurance Scheme Update 24


Media release from Jenny Macklin and Jan McLucas



Carers Week 2012 was launched with Governor-General in Canberra.

Carers Week is a chance to celebrate the inspiring work that millions of carers do every day, and to recognise how important our carers are in the lives of so many Australians.

And this year, to understand and recognise how important carers are to the success of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Carers will be critical to the success of an NDIS, providing care and support for people with significant and permanent disability.

And we need to make sure that an NDIS supports them. A key part of an NDIS is that it supports carers to sustain their caring role, and takes account of their needs, goals and aspirations.

This helps family and friends continue to care, as well as having opportunities to participate fully in work, and in our communities.

An NDIS is focused on the needs of a person with disability – but it can’t be blind to the needs and aspirations of those who love and care for them.

We are consulting directly with carers now about how they see an NDIS improving care and support for people with disability, and we will work with the carers of people with disability too to take account of the carer’s individual circumstances and capacities in planning.

We believe that to be effective, an NDIS should consider the goals and aspirations of a person’s carer, how to support their caring role and make sure it’s sustainable – this is essential if an NDIS is to provide the care and support that people with disability need over their lifetimes.

Because carers are an essential part of that support.

Carers Week is about celebrating everything that carers contribute to our society – and it’s a great time to celebrate how an NDIS will support carers, as well as people with disability.

We encourage you all to get involved in Carers Week events – you can find a list of events at

Jenny Macklin and Jan McLucas

P.S - The Impossible Orchestra 24 Hour Concert will take place on 27 and 28 October at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Hamer Hall to raise awareness for Australia’s 2.6 million carers. Broken up into eight three-hour sittings across the 24-hour period, tickets are free, but registration is essential.

Help the orchestra to achieve the impossible and show your support for carers. Book at or call 1300 182 183. Visit for more information on the Care Aware initiative.



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