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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Innovation in grab rail fixings


Grabrails can be difficult to install in rental properties and in plasterboard and steel framed walls.
Consequently we have seen glass movers handles reinvented as vacuum suction grab rails which can be found on eBay, on Amazon and in Priceline pharmacies. All you have to do, we're told, is place them up on the wall (set and forget).

Unfortunately, The devil, as always, is in the details, and any rail that is going to assist a transfer or stop a fall must be able to take the persons weight without detaching from the wall, so it must be mounted properly. Suction rails are only suitable for short‑term stabilising use (i.e. visiting family, leisure travel and temporary ailments) as they are not designed to hold or support a user’s full body weight. Some like the Homecraft easy bar have have a safety lock that will display green when it is secure and red when it is not secure.

Also, the strength of the suction grab rail will depend on the surface it is being adhered to (for example if attached to bathroom tiles the grab rail will only be as strong as the glue sticking the tiles to the wall). When using suction rails it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommended load capacity as well as frequently check the suction strength and reposition as required.

But there are some innovations that are helping to make life easier in rental properties where you cannot drill into the wall without the landlords permission and may be required to remove and make good when you leave the property.

One such system is now available in Australia from 'Never Drill Again" an online retailer for an innovative German solution 'nie wieder bohren' which promises “no more drilling” to attach grabrails without any drilling. technology. The patented liquid adhesive fixing system makes it possible to attach heavy objects to solid surfaces. The company claim that for their strongest standard adapter they guarantee a holding power of 20 kg forever - that means 400 kg per adapter for shorter term weight transfers.

See nie wieder bohren. video English

WINGITS® Products are an alternative fastening system for plasterboard walls which has been around in North America for 15 years, and is used in many hotel chains to secure their grab rails. WINGITS® Fasteners, are under warranty for 10 years from the date of their installation. The company claims that each WINGIT is self-waterproofing as you install it, even over grout lines. 

There are a number of different types of WINGIT and for installing Grab Bars - most Grab Bars use the Standard Grab Bar WINGIT; Reverse Grab Bar WINGITS® are used commercially when using Stainless Grab Bars into 1, 2 or 3 x 13mm Plasterboard walls.

see WINGIT. video

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