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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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EverBlock - internal walls blocks make creating and changing rooms childsplay


EverBlock is a new system for cheaply constructing non-load bearing internal walls useful when anyone needs ground floor access and privacy. Examples include, a family member being discharged from the hospital with a temporary injury who cannot climb stairs or an older relative or friend who wants to visit. In these and similar cases EverBlock may be a potential solution.

The universality of every block enables the creation of accent walls, wall dividers and modular walls allowing renters and homeowner alike to change the look and feel of internal spaces.

EverBlock Systems recently launched the EverBlock™ line of oversized modular plastic blocks. Each over-sized brick is designed to connect to adjacent bricks so that all types of objects and structures can be built.  Arnon Rosan, Founder and CEO of EverBlock Systems set out to create structures that can be easily modified as needs change. 

EverBlock's unique interlocking plastic blocks stack to create all types of objects and allow you to build creations that are limited only by your imagination. Simply alternate block sizes and colours to create life-sized objects that can be modified as your needs change, dismantled when no longer needed, and transported easily to another location. EverBlock's 3D designer application on their website allows you to build with blocks virtually and tally the number of blocks needed for your project.

Standard EverBlock modules are 12”L x 6”W x 6”H and feature eight connector lugs that nest into the block on top.  Half blocks that are 6”L x 6”w x 6”H, with four lugs, offer additional design flexibility and enable blocks to be staggered for greater structural strength. Finishing cap pieces are available to cover exposed connector lugs for a more streamlined and finished look. 

The company rents and sells EverBlock online and ships globally from its warehouse in New York City. Accessories include shelves, lintels, and non-secure door kits.

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