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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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CHSP Service Provider Update


Updating service availability in the My Aged Care Provider Portal

It is critically important Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers maintain their service information in the My Aged Care Provider Portal to ensure accurate referrals. This includes service availability and services provided.

Providers must either accept or reject client referrals via the My Aged Care Provider Portal, and only accept referrals where they have capacity to provide the services in a reasonable timeframe.

Service provider resources are available, including fact sheets, guidance documents and videos, to help CHSP providers manage their service information.


The use of waitlists

The department is aware that some clients are being placed on long wait lists for services. Providers must not accept clients to waitlists where services are not imminently available, as this may prevent other local CHSP service providers with capacity from meeting client needs.


Occupational Therapy assessments for home modifications

There are delays in complex home modifications services due to wait times for occupational therapy assessments. We remind providers of home modifications that they are able to use home modifications funding to purchase occupational therapy assessment services from external (non-CHSP) occupational therapists.

Refer to the CHSP Manual for more information about this and how to report these services.


All CHSP clients must be registered and assessed for their care needs

All current and prospective clients should register and arrange for a formal assessment of their care needs before accessing services, unless they need emergency assistance.

Clients can register through My Aged Care:

  • online
  • free call 1800 200 422 (8:00am-8:00pm Monday to Friday, 10:00am-2:00pm Saturday).

CHSP service providers delivering emergency services should actively support their clients to contact My Aged Care and arrange for a formal assessment of their care needs. Registration and regular assessments benefit the client as their needs change, and is a requirement of the CHSP for all ongoing clients.

Emergency access to CHSP services is still available to older Australians who require an urgent or immediate health or safety intervention for up to eight weeks without an assessment.

More information about eligibility for emergency access to CHSP services is available in Section 4.4.1 of the CHSP Program Manual 2020-2022.

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