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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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Building Better Homes Campaign


In March this year, Building Ministers from around Australia will meet to decide whether, for the very first time, mandatory accessibility standards should be introduced into our National Building Code. 

This means that newly built residential housing will be built to a standard that makes it accessible people who are currently limited in their day to day activities because they simply can’t find housing that meets their needs.

This will be a critical decision for the hundreds of thousands of Australians with mobility impairments who cannot get access to housing that meets their needs. 

Now is the time to put pressure on Australian Governments to ensure we have a National Building Code for all Australians,  no matter what stage of life, or level of ability. 

The Building Better Homes Campaign has been established to bring together a coalition of support from across the whole community to enable this important reform.  More information on our campaign and our current partners can be found at our website,

We are supporting the Building Better Homes campaign, calling for minimum accessibility standards to be included in the National Building Code.

Your support for the Building Better Homes Campaign can help make the difference for hundreds of thousands of people with disability, older Australians and others with mobility limitations.  

Join thousands of other Australians and show your support by signing the petition.


Louise Bradley, 2021, Summer Foundation (

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