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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
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BCS Aged Friendly House at Marsfield to close.


The Age Friendly Home, developed by Baptist Community Services (BCS) in Marsfield, NSW, has served for 5years as a valuable resource to demonstrate assistive technology and environmental options available to make homes more age, dementia and disability friendly.  In it’s development the Age Friendly Home was extensively renovated, involving the installation of wheelchair-accessible ramps, widened doors and hallways, safe bathroom and kitchen fittings and fixtures, the latest in assistive technologies and a safe, private garden with sensory plants, a wandering path and a raised garden bed for ease of accessibility.  

Due to the rapid advances and broad uptake of many of these design features and assistive technologies, BCS considers that the initial mission of the Aged Friendly Home as a showcase for these innovations has now been achieved. Many of the display features have now become integral within BCS’ new developments such as Gracewood Kellyville and Gracewood Griffith (ACT). Indeed, across the aged care industry it is encouraging to see the uptake of many of the technologies that were initially showcased as part of the BCS Age Friendly Home.  

While BCS remains highly committed to innovation in the development and uptake of assistive technologies to allow older Australians to maintain their independence, the role of this particular display home has been fulfilled and has become part of the BCS Willandra Retirement Village.  

Information sheets are still availble from the BCS site at

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