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LiveabilityThe Liveability App is a free application (App) designed to give community members, especially people with disability, older people, and carers, greater input into the design of their town centres. Community members can use the App to rate the liveability features and services of their local area, including walkability, health, and overall liveability.

The Liveability App collects this liveability information through audio, text, visual and image data. Local Councils and planners can then make improvements to the design of the local area, based on the suggestions made.

The Liveability App has been designed at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, as a collaborative project between the Built Environment faculty’s Enabling Built Environments Program (EBEP) and the Engineering faculty’s School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.

Downloading Liveability App

The Liveability App is available, free, for an iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. Instructions and links for downloading the Liveability App are available on the website.