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DIYmodifyThe DIYmodify App is a free application (App) specifically designed for people with disability and seniors to do their own Home Modification. Many people find themselves wanting or needing to modify their home but uncertain how or whether they are allowed to do so.

The DIYmodify App provides information and support for making changes to a home, for comfort, safety and easier living. This App steps through decisions for five common Home Modifications including grab rails and handheld showers.

The DIYmodify App has been designed using a co-design team of people who have had experience in doing their own Home Modifications. The App has been funded by the NSW Government through Family and Community Services, Ageing Disability and Home Care, in conjunction with
the Home Modification Information Clearinghouse (HMinfo).

Downloading DIYmodify App

The DIYmodify App is available, free, for an iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. Instructions and links for downloading the DIYmodify App are available on the website.

DIYmodify Factsheets

The DIYmodify App includes a range of factsheets with additional information on planning and undertaking DIY Home Modifications. These factsheets can be downloaded, free, from the website.

  • Accessibility settings for DIYmodify app
  • Home Modifications in rental and strata title properties
  • Home Modification quotes

There are also factsheets specific to five common types of Home Modification:

  • Handheld showers
  • Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Level Showers
  • Grab Rails

DIYmodify Videos

The DIYmodify App features stories of people who have undertaken their own DIY Home Modifications. There are also videos for five common types of Home Modification. These videos can be viewed on the website.