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Keeping your service details up to date online.

Published: 17th January 2007
Sent: 17th January 2007

During the process of updating the HMinfo Clearinghouse service details, we have come across a number of websites that list the contact details of the HMM services. Not all services are listed on these databases, however it may be worth checking to see if your service has been listed, and, if so, whether the contact details are up to date.

The Clearinghouse now has the capacity to send emails out to all the Home Modification Services listed on our website very easily. If you do come across any websites that list the contact details of services and we have not yet mentioned them, please send through an email to let us know the name of the websites.

Click here to take you directly to the listed home modifications services on the Service Seeker website. You may wish to search under home maintenance or other fields on the general Service Seeker website to make sure your service contact details have not been listed in another area. 

Also, please have a look at the Commonwealth Carelink website Home Modifications information to check your service details. Again, you might wish to have a look through the main Commonwealth Carelink page and other search fields to make sure that your service has not appeared under another search/category.

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