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The HMinfo Clearinghouse produces a quarterly newsletter containing information relating to home modification and maintenance issues and disability. Each publication contains an article, book review, and a website review, as well as upcoming publications, training and events.

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HMinfo Clearinghouse Newsletter - difficulty in sending last week.

Published: 6th August 2007
Sent: 6th August 2007

Dear all,

The 18th Quarterly Clearinghouse Newsletter was sent out last week to all members listed on the website to recieve it, however it does not appear that the newsletter item actually came through. I am sending this email through the News-Flashes section of the Clearinghouse website to see whether this function is also having difficulties. I hope that you do all recieve a copy of the latest newsletter (#18) through this email newsletter. We are currently trying to fix the problems with the newsletter function.

Apologies to anyone who may recieve this newsletter multiple times.

Best wishes,

HMinfo Clearinghouse

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