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Provided by the HMinfo Clearinghouse
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

Applying for Home Modifications

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Sent 12/03/2007 17:21:16

Dear All,

I have recently produced a leaflet for the HMinfo Clearinghouse on the process of Applying for Home Modifications, which we hope to distribute to as many people as possible, through community centres and networks, community pathways and online, through an 'e-newsletter. I have recieved some feedback on the leaflet - both positive feedback, and a few questions about the content. 

As the Home Modification Service Providers, I would appreciate it if, when you have the opportunity, you could have a look at the leaflet and provide some feedback as to whether you believe that the information provided within it properly and clearly represents the process involved from your end, and whether there are any changes that you would like me to make which would then better represent the process or make things easier for you. Are you happy for this leaflet to represent you?

Two comments I have recieved on the accuracy of the content are;

1. That the group homes information is incorrect, and that group homes are ineligible for HACC funding and modifications

2. That the comment regarding refusal of service may be incorrect, on the basis of eligibility, and that people not eligible for HACC funding do not fit in the same criteria. This information was quoted from a DADHC leaflet, and referenced, so I do hope that the contents are correct, however I'd appreciate feedback here.

In addition, just to remind you, it is possible for HM services to now post PDF documents as attachments to their own service contact details pages on the website. To do this, just go to the attachment section when you are filling out your contact information, and then browse, and attach. This feature may be useful if you have any specific service forms or case study forms that you wish to attach to your service. 

Thankyou for your time and feedback,

Best wishes, 

Tanja von Behrens

HMinfo Clearinghouse 

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