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Is the HMinfo Clearinghouse able to assist with complaints about home modification jobs?

Last Updated: 9th December 2018
The HMInfo Clearinghouse does not have any authority to respond to complaints on home modification jobs. However, the law requires a builder to meet ...

What dimensions are required for a Platform step for mobility frame and walker access?

Last Updated: 8th December 2018
In Australia there are no Building Standards that provide recommended dimensions. Historically this was a supplementary recommendation in AS1428.2 199...

Do I need to contact my home and contents insurer prior to modifying or structurally altering my home?

Last Updated: 8th December 2018
The short answer is yes, as Home Modifications are typically not covered by existing house and contents insurance. So despite keeping up payments and ...

How was the value of information to Home Modification and Maintenance service providers assessed?

Last Updated: 6th July 2015
Our website development was based on in-depth qualitative research involving just under one third of the HMM service providers in NSW. A copy of the '...
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