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Bathroom and toileting equipment

Able Care Ltd,, 1999
Web Page
Brief descriptions of Able Care's range of bathroom and toileting equipment and products which have built- in safety features. The items described inc...

Indigenous Housing

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission,, 1998
Conference Proceedings
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are as a group the most disadvantaged in Australia particularly in terms of housing. Social housing is th...

ADT introduces HealthSensor devices aimed at preventing, detecting falls at senior care facilities

ADT Security Services,, 2000
Web Page
ADT introduces two HealthSensor fall monitoring devices to help provide a quicker response for residents who have fallen, and also to help prevent the...

Home Safety Guidelines for Architects and Builders

Alessi, D., Brill, M., 1978
Discusses safety measures for domestic architecture and buildings.

High speed IP video-conferencing: revolutionizing services to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people

Allen, D., 2001
Conference Paper
The Canadian Hearing Society, a nonprofit charitable agency provides a wide range of health care and social services to the deaf, deafened and hard of...

Sweden: economy versus solidarity

Andersen, R. M., Smedby, B., Vagero, D., 1997
Journal Article
To outside observers, the Swedish health care system is hardly in crisis. By most generally accepted criteria for developed countries, access & qualit...

Social Exclusion and Housing: Context and Challenges

Anderson, I., Sim, D., 2000
Edited Book
Effective responses to social exclusion need to be based on a sound understanding of the issues and processes which affect the housing system. Combati...

How do families navigate the system of long-term care alternatives? The cultural context of choice

Angel, J. L., 1997
Journal Article
The U.S. population is growing older, & states are facing a burgeoning & ethnically diverse elderly population for which to provide long-term care. Wi...

Gender and later life: a sociological analysis of resources and constraints

Arber, S., Ginn, J., 1994
An analysis of the lives of elderly people, especially women, from a sociological perspective - examining the influence of gender & class on the well-...

Analysis of commode grab bar usage for the monitoring of older adults in the smart home environment

Arcelus, A., Holtzman, M., Goubran, R., Sveistrup, H., Guitard, P., Knoefel, F., 2009
Journal Article

Assisted living facilities and home care agencies: facilitating aging in place

Arnold, N. L., Critchfield, L., Arnold, W. J., Sullivan, C. M., Enright, J. M., 1998
Journal Article
Assisted living facilities are fast becoming a popular form of residential homes for frail seniors and others in need of 24-hour scheduled and unsched...

Standard 62.2 approved

ASHRAE,, 2003
Web Page
ASHRAE Standard 62.2, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings, is the only nationally recognized indoor air qu...

Access for Disabled People: Pedestrian Ramps

Australia Dept of Housing and Construction Experimental Building Station,, 1981
These Notes outline general design principles and guidelines for pedestrian ramps for use by physically disabled people in and around public buildings...

Access for Disabled People: Kerb Ramps

Australia Dept of Housing and Construction Experimental Building Station,, 1981
Discusses the uses of kerb ramps and the design features to be avoided when building ramps. It supplements and expands information on ramps given in...

VDUs at work

Australia Dept of Science of Technology,, 1983
Outlines the recommendations issued by Standards Australia for adequate lighting in the workplace areas used for screen based tasks.

Better Physical Access

Australia Office of Disability,, 2008
Edited Book
This booklet is a guide for assisting in the management of the physical environment for people with disabilities. This guide includes information on: ...

2011 Census Dictionary

Australian Bureau of Statistics,, 2011
2011 Census Dictionary is a comprehensive reference guide designed to assist users of Census data to determine and specify their data requirements and...

Projections of the population of Australia, States and Territories, 1995 - 2051

Australian Bureau of Statistics Canberra, ACT , 1996
Journal Article

Disability Discrimination Act action plans guide for state and territory government departments and agencies

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission,, 2003
Web Page
This article discusses the key points covered by the Disability Discrimination Act and provides guidelines for state and territory government departme...

Young Australians: their health and wellbeing

Australian Institute of Health & Welfare,, 2007
Government Document

Demand for disability support services in Australia: size, cost and growth

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,, 1997
This study was commissioned by the Disability Services Subcommittee to provide information on the unmet demand and growth factors for services funded ...

Disability support services provided under the Commonwealth/State Disability Agreement: available data 1996

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare,, 1998
Data about services directly provided or funded by government, under the umbrella of the Commonwealth/State Disability Agreement (CSDA) are presented ...