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Perceived risks to independent living: the views of older, community-dwelling adults.

The Gerontologist

Author: Mack, R. , Salmoni, A. , Viverais-Dressler, G. , Porter, E. , Garg, R.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1997


The purpose of the present study was to gather the perceptions of older, community-dwelling adults about factors they considered essential for them to remain living within the community. In-depth interviews were conducted with 103 men and women over the age of 65 years who were living in their own home or apartment, within an urban center. Factors such as finances, health, family support, a sense of identity, and a feeling of independence were perceived by older adults to contribute to their ability to remain living in the community. Importantly, older adults viewed threats to this continued independent living as both (a) factors connected to losses and maintenance of capability, but also (b) as impediments to further growth of their personal well-being.

Further Details

Full Title: The Gerontologist
Pages: 8
Volume: 37
Issue: 6
Section: 729
Accession Number: November, 2010
Keywords: older, mental, housing
Reads: 243