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Housing modification needs of the disabled elderly: what really matters?

Sage Urban Studies Abstracts

Author: Gilderbloom, John I., Markham, John P.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1998


Due partly to the lack of reliable data, little research has been conducted on the housing modification needs of the elderly. Studies on such needs are often anecdotal and unsystematic. Many rely on decennial census data, which offer a limited indication of special housing needs of elders in general. This article reports on a comprehensive study of elderly housing modification needs. The American Housing Survey of housing conditions and the Housing Modification Supplement provided the opportunity to conduct sophisticated statistical analysis. The study produced a subset of 1895 households in which there was an elderly person who was disabled in the sense that his or her activities were limited by at least one of four difficulties: entering or leaving the unit, moving around inside, moving upstairs and downstairs, and using bathrooms, kitchens, or other equipment. Logistic regression analysis found that gender, health, and living alone were the most significant predictors of need for special housing modifications. Men, people who live alone, and persons with poor health have greater needs for housing modifications.

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Full Title: Sage Urban Studies Abstracts
Volume: 26
Issue: 1
Publisher: Sage Publications
ISBN/ISSN: 0090-5747
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