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Governmental responsibility: adequacy or dependency?

International Sociological Association paper

Author: Hendricks, J.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1986


Entitlement & transfer programs enacted by national governments are often criticized for their cost, consequences in terms of distribution of income, & impact on family lifestyles. The graying of populations has, however, had the unintended & unanticipated consequence of posing major burdens on governmental budgets. As a consequence, cutbacks have been initiated in welfare systems based on "entitlements" & on "cradle-to-grave" coverage. Trimming social & human services has exacerbated economic & familial problems, especially in view of soaring costs. Several questions are addressed. What responsibility do national governments have to retain coverage & benefit packages once they have been enacted? What cutbacks can be implemented as part of reform programs? In looking at the forms of protection outlined herein, are there differences in the types of retrenchments taking place?

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Accession Number: 7.5.03
Keywords: older, international
Reads: 170