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Request for Evidence around the recovery benefts for critically ill patients from access to a natural setting

Last Updated: 14th April 2016

There have been a number of studies of the impact on patient health via natural settings and views. Unfortunately the Home Modification Clearinghouse is not funded to create or share this evidence as it is out of our funding scope. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to share it when we receive it via our Publications by Others area on the Claeringhouse website.

Much of the work has been done by Dr. Roger Ulrich, professor of architecture at Chalmers University, and there is a growing evidence base for health care design often referred to as “Healing Environments. A fantastic resource is the Centre for Health Care Design which is responsible for curating much of this evidence.

For Rodger’s work see evidence based design and the role of the physical environment in the 21st-century hospital.

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