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HMinfo Libraries

Block Library

The HMinfo block library is a collection of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) assets developed specifically for the purpose of providing freely available Universal Design tools for both commercial and non-commercial stakeholders so that all can create spaces which take into account the size and movement restrictions of accessible mobility products. The Block Library is an essential step to facilitating the participation and social inclusion of the aged and people with disabilities in both private and public space design and redesign. These simple but significant downloadable drawings and models will provide all with the knowledge of space and other environmental requirements for the safe and effective access of a range of mobility products. Any submissions to the Block Library should be made via email to .

Case Study Library

The Case Study Library is designed to showcase actual home modification cases so they can be reused for problem sensing and problem solving. By adding your case to the database innovative or unusual case information problems and solutions can be shared. It is hoped that this sharing may assist better and more effective practice outcomes. Submission of other resources that may assist with better assessment and prescription of home modifications are also encouraged.

Any submissions to the Case Study Library should be made via email to .

Research Library

The HMinfo Research library contains an in-depth collection of materials on home modifications and related subjects. The HMinfo Research Library supports scholarly research and includes primary as well as secondary sources. This is a permanent collection of both electronic and bound housed on site at the Built Environment Faculty at UNSW. The Research Library does not lend books and other items. Under special circumstances, requests to use the library may be made by emailing .